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                  CIC Hosted an IFSWF Webinar Themed “Strategy, Challenges & Opportunities in an Era of Great Change”


                  CIC has recently hosted a webinar of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) with the theme “Strategy, Challenges & Opportunities in an Era of Great Change”.

                  Madam Zhao Haiying, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of CIC, shared with representatives of peer sovereign wealth funds her readings on a range of topics, such as the current macroeconomic landscapes and capital market trends, what CIC learnt from market swings in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and strategies to seize opportunities and address challenges in an era of great change. Madam Zhao Haiying also emphasized CIC’s commitment to expanding its global network of partners and strengthening cooperation with peer institutions.

                  Investors need to be more informed in order to seize new opportunities and address new challenges in an era of great change. CIC will closely follow developments in macroeconomic landscapes and policies, remain motivated to identify market drivers, and proactively capture investment opportunities in innovative sectors such as digital economy, high-tech, and healthcare. In addition, CIC has remained a responsible investor and contributed to the long-term sustainable growth of the world economy since its inception. Mr. Joe Bae, Co-CEO of KKR, was invited to attend the webinar with insights on a number of issues, including how to navigate institutional investment capacity building in the post-pandemic era, a comparison between the current round of economic recovery and recovery in the wake of the financial crisis, and how PE investing looks like in the post-pandemic era and KKR’s PE strategies.

                  The IFSWF is a global organization of main sovereign wealth funds worldwide. As a founding member and board member of the IFSWF, CIC has diligently implemented the Santiago Principles for the governance of sovereign wealth funds and has contributed to the development of the forum and broader adoption of the Principles globally.